What workforce development tools do you have?

Have you ever thought of your website as a tool for workforce development?

Job seekers today start their job hunt on the net.  In addition to looking at the multitude of employment listings on the web they look at company websites.   Just like house hunters assess properties online, people are looking to see what a company looks like.  Your website’s design and content projects an image—what image does your site project, high tech, current or outdated?

Does your internet presence truly reflect your company?

If your web presence is outdated or non-existent, potential employees may not see your potential as an employer. A website should highlight things that will interest job seekers. For example, do you have:

  • new equipment, services or products?
  • A great workplace culture?
  • customer stories that show the work you do and its value?
  • Open positions that you would like to highlight?
  • Internships for trade school or university students?

The last one can be particularly useful, I know of a number of engineering students whose college internships led to permanent position and great careers! On your website you can list positions and provide additional information that online job boards don’t permit.

If you are looking to hire people to

  • fill gaps left by retirement
  • take advantage of opportunities created by COVID
  • support reshoring efforts

your website can be a powerful tool and resource for those hunting for a career and not just a job.    A website with information that answers the questions posed earlier opportunities to

  • keep site content fresh
  • add vital backlinks
  • highlight activities on social media

Still Unsure?

Just in case you are still on the fence about updating your web presence, remember that companies seeking goods and services look at websites too.  Many buyers are more than 50% of the way through the purchasing process before they contact you by phone or the net. A current, updated site serves as an important legitimacy check and information sources.  When I was working for a multi-national electronics firm we knew how vital this could be.  There was a saying that could be summed up as “first found, first fits, first contacted”.  A current site, highlighting your services, growth customer stories, etc., will make it easier for them to see you as a viable provide of goods and services.

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