Strategic Marketing


No one builds a house or starts a business without a plan.  But many business don’t create a marketing plan or if they have one it rarely gets updated.   An effective marketing program needs the following components:

  • Specific Goals to guide the creation of marketing elements and provide a way to measure success
  • Style guide to ensure that the proper branding elements, (colors, graphics, fonts etc.) are used consistently
  • Consistent branding across all marketing tools such as website, social media, business cards, truck stickers, invoices, e.g. anything the public might see that has your name on it.
  • Marketing properties such as website and, as needed, appropriate print materials.
  • Editorial calendar for print and digital marketing materials and their channels
  • Metrics to evaluate the success of your marketing activities.  Even offline tasks can be tracked.

Link to Visibility will work with you plan a marketing program that supports your current business and is scalable for future growth.


Sometimes what you need is a thorough review of your web presence or marketing materials from a fresh perspective. A different perspective is vital since you know your organization and its products or services so well that missing links might not be visible.  Link to Visibility will review your

  • logo, taglines and name
  • marketing materials content
  • functionality
  • web presence
  • related/available statistics

to see how your materials reflect your organization and its products and services.  Just as importantly we will We will also compare it to the competition to see how your measure up.  All this information is combined with a report that provides suggestions on how to improve it.

Are your curious about how you fare in the marketplace?  Contact us today!

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