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Site Redesign

North Pittsburgh Greeting Company

The Challenge

Tracy’s business was growing and had a great reputation but her web site didn’t match the polished, successful business that she built. She wanted to reboot her site so it better reflected her company.

The Process

To make sure I am well-acquainted with each company I conduct a fairly extensive interview at the start of any project and we hold regular meetings with every client.  During the course of these conversations I discovered some easy ways to expand her business’s offerings online.  These new services will provide additional revenue streams to grow her business.   In addition to meetings our site development process includes 5 phases: strategy,design, execute, tidy/accept, and go live

The Solution

In working with North Pittsburgh Greeting Company (NPGC) we realized that her site could not only be rebooted but also expanded to include two new options that would enable business growth for both her and her clients:

  • adding an online directory so folks could see who NPGC had “in the bag”
  • offering demographic data for local companies who advertised with her or were interested in local demographic data.

The online directory provides a resource for those want to know who is “in the bag” since the community knows that Tracy curates her bag carefully. The data for local merchants (anonymized to protect the privacy of those Tracy visits) provides insight for merchants looking for demographics for the areas new residents.

In addition to these new features we also improved other core elements of her site such as:

  • contact us page
  • testimonials from new residents
  • testimonials from businesses in the bag, aka advertisers
  • security
  • web statistics

North Pittsburgh Greeting Company’s website was redeveloped from the ground up; from hard-coded html to a dynamically-generated WordPress site that requires minimal maintenance. Because we offer training, we made it possible for Tracy to easily update the merchant listings in her online directory or add new testimonials to the site. The new web platform gives her plenty of room for future growth. For example, the directory could expand and become monetized, the site could be linked to a CRM (customer relationship management tools tool, or a payment portal for her clients can be easily added.

Visit her new site at: or browse through a few screen shots as shown below.

Client’s Review

I would personally recommend Elizabeth Blakely owner/operator of Link to Visibility. Elizabeth was solely responsible for creating an eye catching and easy to use website for my business.
Elizabeth has a fantastic eye for unique designs and was able to implement many requests needed for a unique business such as mine. Elizabeth and Link to Visibility was thoughtful and considerate and is easy to recommend to anyone looking for a professional website.

Tracy Armstrong, North Pittsburgh Greeting Company