Marketing should NOT be like throwing jello at a wall and seeing what sticks!

When speaking with people about their marketing goals and plans one of the things I always ask about is: “Who is your target audience/market?” This is particularly true if they talk excitedly about a new project where I know that the goals and audience don’t really match up. Knowing who you want to communicate with is critical to planning and executing any marketing project, whether it is a website, email, or a printed piece. It factors into every element of a project such as the

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  • content and language used
  • layout of the information
  • channel used for delivery

You can have the best product or service in the world but if you don’t connect with the right people it is a like throwing jello at a wall. The message won’t stick, it will just slide off. As a business person you know your products and services and what makes them special, the next step is to really identify your audience.

Identifying Your Ideal Client

If you could fill your office with a group of potential clients, what would they be like?  Can you accurately describe them, their interests, lifestyles, etc.?  In role playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, players go to great lengths to describe their characters and even provide them with a background story.  All of these details make it possible for other players to interact appropriately, become a team and go on adventures.  Identifying the ideal client as thoroughly can help you and your marketing team

  • communicate with the right clients
  • build better relationships with your customers
  • grow your business

It also reminds everyone that customers are more than just sources of revenue.   You should even refine your discussions a little more by

  • describing typical vs ideal customers
  • determining how well does your current group of clients match your ideal

With this perspective, figure out how to best serve both current and ideal clients while shifting your business towards as needed.  If you are curious about how the things that should be considered when trying to connect with your ideal client take a look at my presentation “Target Practice“or even better, contact me today!

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