One of the most important questions when selecting a marketing firm is fit.

Our goal is to learn about your company to make sure we are a good fit and so we properly market your company and its products/services to your ideal audience. From our experience we know that this process involves things such as

  • asking questions
  • visiting your facility/location
  • checking out your current marketing materials
  • looking at competitors and peers

Just in case you are worried about confidentiality, we will sign an NDA.  We believe in partnerships and trust is vital to the process.

Link to Visibility has worked with a wide range of organizations

  • For-profit companies including
    • a multi-national, opto-electronics firm
    • a firm representing industrial marking and traceability manufacturers
    • a company selling utility truck parts
    • a concrete contractor
    • a computer consulting firm
    • a logistics consultant
  • Non-profit clients including
    • clothing resale shop supporting women in crisis
    • churches and a retreat center
    • community health groups
    • local offices for national non-profit groups
    • local government

Sample Project Requirements

  • Handled web page design and site creation working with everything from hard coded pages, WordPress installations, to enterprise level CMS tools
  • Knows best practices for Search Engine Optimization
  • Knows best practices for email and landing page design
  • Familiar with web analytics software and which statistics matter
  • Researched and created white papers, on a range of topics such as SEO, Usability, and project challenges for presentation to global project management
  • Experience dealing with international teams and working remotely
  • Experience working with technical products and long, complex sales cycles and understands the implications for B2B marketing
  • Aided start-up companies in their planning for internet and marketing needs
  • Used my Unix experience to work with outside vendors to maintain our Linux/Unix based, dedicated servers
  • Served on a multinational project group that evaluated all aspects of enterprise level CMS
  • Work with multinational project group to build and maintain a joint European-US web site

The Bottom Line: Be Clear, Be Consistent

We believe that the best way to ensure any project’s success and a business or organization’s growth is to

  • targeting the right audience
  • select the correct imagery and text
  • pick the correct channels
  • make sure that your message is consistent and clear.

Ready, Set, Go!

No matter what, make sure you work with a company who approaches projects strategically, highlight your organizations unique qualities, uses quality materials, set goals, and establish methods to measure results.

If  you are ready to get started, contact us today.

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