Do you have the correct perspective?

Train Close Up
Freight Train, Harmony, PA

Successful marketing, like good photography is, in many ways. a matter of perspective and communication.   To market your products or services effectively you need to understand the perspective or your clients, the challenges they face, and then effectively communicate how your company or organization can work with them to facilitate business growth.

Do you have the right perspective or do you need to shift it? You can begin to evaluate your company’s perspective by asking questions such as…

  • What do we do best versus what are we known for?
  • Do our marketing materials truly reflect our company and its products and/or services?
  • How well aligned are our current clients versus our ideal clients/customers?
  • Are we on the right track–Are we using the channels that our tuned into?
  • What is our plan to keep information about the company and its products/services current and consistent across our marketing efforts?
  • How do we measure the success of our efforts?
Signal close up, train far away
Signal Near the Train Crossing, Harmony, PA

A great way to illustrate this is with pictures I took of a train near my office in Harmony, PA. Both show the same train but from radically different perspectives.  In the closeup you see the size and the implied power of the train.  The orange colour makes the train standout against the sky and trees.  The signal picture makes the train look tiny, almost insignificant in comparison to the signal.  In addition, it is impossible to not consider the signal’s implications for safety, in a small town at a level crossing.

The train in these pictures sat at this location for a few hours, stopped possibly due to something on the tracks ahead or a mechanical problem.  To get these pictures, I had to move around–change my perspective.  Are your marketing efforts stuck?  Are the “mechanical issues” with your website or other marketing efforts?  Perhaps your organizations always seems to have something else “on the tracks” that keeps you from planning and executing your marketing efforts successfully.

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