Covid-19 and Supply Chain Realignment Webinar Materials

Webinar Overview

In 2020 we co-sponsored a webinar about how “Covid-19 Will Trigger Global Supply Chain Realignment and What To Do About It. The Sequential Consequences of China Ripple Effects from Coronavirus.”  This event was co-sponsored by Link to Visibility and  Leading Marks and featured David Iwinski, CEO of Blue Water Growth and Dennis Unkovic, Esq., of Meyer, Unkovic & Scott LLP.  Both of these men have direct experience dealing with China and its manufacturing practices.

The webinar explored the ramifications of the Covid-19 virus and included information about the

  • initial impact at the center of the virus in China
  • short-term effects on business
  • long-term impact on trade and global supply chains.

David Iwinski and Dennis Unkovic demonstrated how the cascading effects that started in China will magnify several existing critical macro-trends within China and ripple outwards to dramatically affect supply, revenue, earnings and market share of a significant range of global companies.

In particular, the webinar will examined these effects and the downstream results will radically change the global supply chain and pose serious challenges for US businesses unprepared for this adjustment. Issues discussed include:

  • Supply chain disruption
  • Shipping and transportation problems
  • Work force concerns
  • Reductions in quality & productivity
  • Capital & liquidity issues
  • Production relocation & global supply chain realignment

David Iwinski is the Managing Director of Blue Water Growth, a global business consulting firm with extensive on-the-ground experience and expertise in Asia. Its services include merger and acquisition guidance, private capital solutions, product distribution, production outsourcing, and a wide variety of business advisory services for its Western and Asian clients.

Dennis Unkovic Unkovic, Esq., of Meyer, Unkovic & Scott LLP represents U.S. and foreign entities in their international activities. His involvement includes negotiating commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and inbound and outbound investment projects. He has traveled to 64 countries, with significant involvement in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Europe. For three years, he was Board Chair of Meritas, a highly ranked legal network of 7,658 lawyers in 94 countries.

Materials to View & Download

Co-sponsor, Leading Marks, LLC, is owned by Laurie Barcaskey, works closely with  companies to identify economical and safer technology for marking and traceability requirements.

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