Communication and Feedback

Communication tools can take many forms. Make sure the tools you select and create are effective and get you the feedback you want.  I lookied for an old-fashioned phone but could only find this antique phone-clock at a shop near my office in Harmony.  It is a great conversation piece but it won’t be effective for the purpose I had in mind!

Marketing permeates just about every part of life these days and comes in countless forms.  Google Ads, Facebook sponsored posts, commercials, school stadium sponsorships, magnetic door signs, logo’d apparel etc.  As a marketing professional, I tend to look at marketing efforts with a more discerning eye and consider questions such as is there a clear message or what am I supposed to do next?

When working on a marketing project it can be easy to focus purely on the mechanics needed: finding images, writing text, obtaining videos, creating calls to action, design and associated technical issues. What is just as vital is to take a step back and consider what you are trying to communicate and what kind of feedback you are looking for. Want to make developing your next marketing project simpler and more effective?  Before you start building an ad, website, or brochure make sure that you

  • think about who you need to speak with
  • what they need to hear
  • pick a message and the most appropriate way(s)s to share that story.
  • Plan it out using available resources effectively
  • Analyze how things are going
  • Make changes as needed
  • Repeat and/or use it as a model for other projects

Marketing is ultimately about communication and feedback.  Communicate well with your selected audience they should provide you with the feedback you want such as

  • buying your product
  • asking for a quotation
  • stopping by your store, organization, or facility
  • signing up for your newsletter
  • viewing or downloading more information
  • giving you a call

A little strategic planning will enable you to create projects that effectively use your resources and reach your audience.

Contact me if you would like a strategic guide to the marketing and internet wilderness so your marketing adventures are successful.

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