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Client-centered Focus

All about your organization and its goals

The most important element of any engagement is discovering what you need and what you want to do. For example,

  • improve sales
  • update marketing materials
  • develop a strategic marketing plan
  • update your website
  • improve your search engine rank
  • integrate your website and CRM efforts
  • rebrand or improve your company's identity

Some times these goals are aligned, but not always.  Before we do anything I want to learn more about your company or organization and what makes it tick.  Part of my process includes interviewing your to learn more about what you do, for example, is it...

  • highly technical
  • customizable
  • service or product oriented
  • easy to sell or does it involve a long sales cycle

But there are other questions that are important too:

  • Who are your peers and who is your competition--what are they doing?
  • What do you enjoy doing most?
  • What is your bread and butter?
  • What language do your customers speak?

Only by understanding what you do can I really guide you to the best solution.

Lets talk about you, your company and how you need to grow.



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