An afternoon with BotsIQ

Last week was a loooong one, so when Laurie Barcaskey of Leading Marks called up and invited me to join her at the BotsIQ finals I jumped at the chance to escape the office for a day. Late Friday morning I found myself headed down I79 towards California University of Pennsylvania, the home of the […]


6 Business Tools Anyone Will Find Useful

As a marketing strategy and web design professional I spend quite a bit of time working with a wide variety of tools for content management, customer relationship, email marketing, web design, graphics, social media, and analytics etc.  While these are the chief “tools of my trade,” they are not the only ones I use and […]


Search Engines

This nifty article reviews some of the Google search algorithm updates from 2017: Google’s Biggest Search Algorithm Updates Of 2017. It also serves as a nice little reminder about how tracking your site’s ranking and working on your site’s SEO should be an part of your organization’s marketing plans. Working on SEO includes a wide […]