wix vs wordpress

To Wix on not to Wix, that is the question.  Confessions of a WP Elitist.

I have used a fairly wide range of web development tools.  From UNIX shell hard coding, to proprietary systems to enterprise level CMS tools;  I know that different projects require different tools and skill sets.   While no system is perfect, I admit that I appreciate the flexibility and scalability of WordPress; it fits the needs […]


Are you working without a net…presence?

Just before I went on a summer holiday I spoke at the Central NY chapter meeting of the American Foundry Society.   I enjoyed meeting the chapter members and was struck by how some of their chief concerns parallel those with manufacturing clients in Ohio and Pennsylvania. What were those concerns? Finding, hiring and retaining […]


What do web sites and coffee have in common?

While not a coffee afficiando (I drink tea) I have heard countless times that nothing beats coffee that has been properly made from good beans. Conversely, bad coffee is worse than nothing. While Keurigs and instant coffee are expedient, neither can hold a candle to properly brewed coffee. My daughter, a budding coffee snob elected […]


Communication and Feedback

Marketing permeates just about every part of life these days and comes in countless forms.  Google Ads, Facebook sponsored posts, commercials, school stadium sponsorships, magnetic door signs, logo’d apparel etc.  As a marketing professional, I tend to look at marketing efforts with a more discerning eye and consider questions such as is there a clear […]

Scary Marketing, Halloween

Trick or Treat

A few years ago I did a presentation for the Pittsburgh North Pittsburgh Chamber about “Scary Marketing Comments and Questions” I hear on a regular basis. Just for fun, I looked it over and updated it for this year and decided to share it with everyone before I leave the office to enjoy Halloween night with […]


Controlling the Data Hose. Start Making the Most of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool with tremendous potential. The key term here is “potential.” My company adds the code to provide Google Analytics to every site we work on.  Unfortunately not all of of our clients take advantage of the this resource and the business intelligence it provides.  There are loads of reasons why… but […]

Different Perspectives Train Picture

Do you have the correct perspective?

Successful marketing, like good photography is, in many ways. a matter of perspective and communication.   To market your products or services effectively you need to understand the perspective or your clients, the challenges they face, and then effectively communicate how your company or organization can work with them to facilitate business growth. Do you have […]

waiting for wordpress 5.0

Coming Soon to Your WordPress Site

Site owners and developers who work with WordPress (WP) sites should be keeping one eye peeled for updates to this popular platform and making sure of four things: all of their plugins are up-to-date all unused plugins are deactivated and deleted site themes are up-to-date they have current backups for their site(s) and they know […]


Online Marketing Tips and Tools for Success

On Thursday morning, April 19th, I had the opportunity to speak to the networking group Business Solutions Wexford about Online Marketing. My presentation, “Online Marketing, Tips and Tools for Success”  included information about: getting the right message to your ideal client the tools and resources available timing and channel selection the importance of authenticity the […]