What workforce development tools do you have?

Have you ever thought of your website as a tool for workforce development? Job seekers today start their job hunt on the net.  In addition to looking at the multitude of employment listings on the web they look at company websites.   Just like house hunters assess properties online, people are looking to see what a […]


Just Vote.

What do I mean by “Just Vote?” A non-partisan request for active participation! In a highly charged political environment we just want to take a moment to encourage folks to vote. The general election on November 8th has some critical Commonwealth offices: namely governor and US senate in addition to other commonwealth-wide and local offices. […]


Has your company or organization been in business for 10 years?

If the answer is yes, then you REALLY need to file a Decennial Report. In all years that end in “1” (2001, 2021, 2031, etc.) you must file a decennial report with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania stating that your company or organization continues to exist and is using its marks, e.g. logos.  Think of it […]


Don’t Forget to Vote on Tuesday, November 2nd!

Pennsylvania’s judges and courts are a vital part of our governing system. The courts may seem complicated, but judicial elections are important because they affect the lives of citizens. No matter which party you are affiliated with, selecting the best candidates for office is important because judges have very long terms, 10 years! In addition […]


Building Trust & Businesses for Success

We trust you, just do what you think is best… A new client was in a bit of a jam.  COVID had eased so they could re-open and a recent merger and sale meant that they needed a new a new name, logo and website ASAP.  While I was familiar with their business, my experience […]


Covid-19 and Supply Chain Realignment Webinar Materials

Webinar about how “Covid-19 Will Trigger Global Supply Chain Realignment and What To Do About It. The Sequential Consequences of China Ripple Effects from Coronavirus.”  This event was co-sponsored by Link to Visibility and  Leading Marks and featured David Iwinski, CEO of Blue Water Growth and Dennis Unkovic, Esq., of Meyer, Unkovic & Scott LLP.

Ready to go. Simple clothes and accessories, plus a touch of makeup. I even tweaked the brightness of my computer screen to minimize the reflecting glare on my glasses.

Staying Visible while Staying at Home

In an incredibly short time, the Coronavirus has radically changed how we live and conduct business.  That doesn’t mean that everything has ground to a halt.  Whether your business is open or closed it is important that you find ways to stay connected with your customers and build your business’ future. Even as businesses begin […]


Making a Good Impression on Zoom

In this blog we share how to create a custom backdrop using your own image. This feature isn’t perfect, but it does give you a little more control of the image you are presenting during a teleconference.