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Blog: Reflect and Refresh..

Life is busy, if we don't take time to reflect and think about things there is no place for change  and improvement.  Whether you have a marketing program or materials already or are just starting out read on for some new ideas and ways to shift your perspective...


Just Vote.

What do I mean by “Just Vote?” A non-partisan request for active participation! In a highly charged political environment we just want to take a moment to encourage folks to vote. The general election on November 8th has some critical Commonwealth offices: namely governor and US senate in addition to other commonwealth-wide and local offices. […]

Ready to go. Simple clothes and accessories, plus a touch of makeup. I even tweaked the brightness of my computer screen to minimize the reflecting glare on my glasses.

Staying Visible while Staying at Home

In an incredibly short time, the Coronavirus has radically changed how we live and conduct business.  That doesn’t mean that everything has ground to a halt.  Whether your business is open or closed it is important that you find ways to stay connected with your customers and build your business’ future. Even as businesses begin […]