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Blog from Elizabeth Blakely

Blog: Reflect and Refresh..

Life is busy, if we don't take time to reflect and think about things there is no place for change  and improvement.  Whether you have a marketing program or materials already or are just starting out read on for some new ideas...

  • The image above is my favourite spot to reflect, a lake in upstate NY.
  • The words below  are my reflections about a wide range of things.

Thank you for taking the time to read!


Are you working without a net…presence?

Just before I went on a summer holiday I spoke at the Central NY chapter meeting of the American Foundry Society.   I enjoyed meeting the chapter members and was struck by how some of their chief concerns parallel those with manufacturing clients in Ohio and Pennsylvania. What were those concerns? Finding, hiring and retaining […]


What do web sites and coffee have in common?

While not a coffee afficiando (I drink tea) I have heard countless times that nothing beats coffee that has been properly made from good beans. Conversely, bad coffee is worse than nothing. While Keurigs and instant coffee are expedient, neither can hold a candle to properly brewed coffee. My daughter, a budding coffee snob elected […]


Communication and Feedback

Marketing permeates just about every part of life these days and comes in countless forms.  Google Ads, Facebook sponsored posts, commercials, school stadium sponsorships, magnetic door signs, logo’d apparel etc.  As a marketing professional, I tend to look at marketing efforts with a more discerning eye and consider questions such as is there a clear […]

Scary Marketing, Halloween

Trick or Treat

A few years ago I did a presentation for the Pittsburgh North Pittsburgh Chamber about “Scary Marketing Comments and Questions” I hear on a regular basis. Just for fun, I looked it over and updated it for this year and decided to share it with everyone before I leave the office to enjoy Halloween night with […]

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