Author name: Elizabeth Blakely

Elizabeth Blakely is the founder of Link to Visibility, LLC, a strategic marketing and web design firm. She believes in using her experience in marketing, web development, information organization and project management to help clients meet their organizational goals and grow. Over the course of her career she has worked with a wide variety of clients in both the profit and non-profit sectors. Elizabeth is an active member of the Chamber’s marketing committee. Elizabeth holds a master’s degree in Information and Library Sciences from the University of Michigan and bachelor’s degree in American History from the University of Pennsylvania. She also minored in Art History. She has lived in Cranberry Township with her husband, 2 kids and assorted pets since 2007. She has too many hobbies and not enough time to enjoy them.

Heresy of Referrals

Bucking the Crowd with a Different Perspective As you well know, there is tremendous pressure for businesses and organizations to market on multiple platforms. Having a website is no longer enough, one is supposed to publish multiple times per week on social media, too. To populate these various platforms and capture clients’ attention; marketing staff […]

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Just Vote.

What do I mean by “Just Vote?” A non-partisan request for active participation! In a highly charged political environment we just want to take a moment to encourage folks to vote. The general election on November 8th has some critical Commonwealth offices: namely governor and US senate in addition to other commonwealth-wide and local offices.

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Covid-19 and Supply Chain Realignment Webinar Materials

Webinar about how “Covid-19 Will Trigger Global Supply Chain Realignment and What To Do About It. The Sequential Consequences of China Ripple Effects from Coronavirus.”  This event was co-sponsored by Link to Visibility and  Leading Marks and featured David Iwinski, CEO of Blue Water Growth and Dennis Unkovic, Esq., of Meyer, Unkovic & Scott LLP.

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