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Here is a quick index to articles that either useful, informative and/or thought provoking.

Gmail messages ‘read by human third parties’

I always encourage businesses to use their own domains for email.  It is astounding how I still see the occasional addresses even for businesses even when they own their own domains.  Here is another example of why this is important and how Facebook isn’t the only internet company that has privacy problems.  Check your privacy settings, log out of google if you are not using it, and clear out browser data regularly  to help limit tracking. Link:

Gutenberg Plugin and Compatibility

As I mentioned, I am keeping an eye on WordPress 5.0 updates.  This nifty site is keeping tabs on plugins and compatibilitly with the next major WordPress Version which will include the Gutenberg Editor. Link:

Why Analogue Still Endures

Great article about non digital tools that are still going strong or enjoying a revival. Link:

Bounce Rate Analytics: How to Measure, Assess, and Audit to Increase Conversions

Interesting article about bounce rates which speaks to more than just google ranks.  Do users engage with your site  or bounce away?  Make sure your site is designed to move users to the next step to build your business! Link:

Save the Internet, Don’t Break it with Bad Stock Photos

I was doing some reading on the net and stumbled on this article about the perils of marketing with stock photography….Link:

Google’s Biggest Search Algorithm Updates Of 2017

This nifty article reviews some of the Google search algorithm updates from 2017.  It also serves as a nice little reminder about how tracking your site’s ranking and working on your site’s SEO should be an part of your organization’s marketing plans.   If SEO is something you would like to work on contact me. Link:

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