About Link to Visibility

Link to Visibility believes in combining our skills with

  • branding
  • print design
  • graphic design
  • web development
  • CRM and social media
  • strategic planning

and our knowledge of

  • information organization
  • analytics and their application
  • project management
  • sales cycles and the ideal client
  • corporate cultures

to enable the growth of  your business or organization.   In short we work with clients like you, to find a path through the marketing and internet wilderness.  There are so many options and directions companies are pulled, often it is great to have a guide.

Whether your organization is a profit or non-profit company, we work with companies like yours to develop a true understanding of your goals and provide excellent, US based service.

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Elizabeth Blakely, the owner/president has worked with a variety organizations including multi-national companies to entrepreneurs, and small non-profits. While Link to Visibility works with a variety of companies, our work tends to focus on B2B firms, especially those in the manufacturing sector.

Elizabeth holds a master’s degree in Information and Library Sciences from the University of Michigan.  This course of study instilled an understanding of the importance of organization information, databases, and usability. 

Her bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, American History with an Art History minor, provided her with  a deep appreciation for clarity of thought and design.

This combination of education and professional experience allows her to look at companies and projects from a broader perspective instead of focusing on just the technical or design aspects.

Proud member of the following organizations:

NTMA logo

NTMA, Pittsburgh Chapter

Women in Manufacturing

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