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Having the best intentions, successfully

intention: 1: A determination to act in a certain way. 2: What one intends to do or bring about. 3: A concept considered as the product of attention directed to an object of knowledge. Verb: intend. Adjective: intentional. On Friday, one of my clients emailed me about setting up a meeting to discuss a web […]

Guide Services

I have spoken with many clients and businesses who wished that they had a guide when they started an internet or marketing project.  Having someone who can ask the right questions or help you connect with the right providers can make a huge difference.


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Todays Marketing Tools

There are so many ways to market your business today.  How do you pick the correct ones for YOUR organization and what are the best ways to implement them?  CRM, SEO and social media are great but print materials are not as passe as many people believe.


Pick the Right Tools

Website Design

Businesses of any size need a website that supports their current goals and can grow with their future needs.   Good web design is more than just picking a template it includes designing the information and connectivity that supports your organization today and in the future.


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Connecting strategically to grow your business!

Link to Visibility, LLC provides consulting services for businesses and non-profits for

  • web design
  • strategic marketing

Plan, select and implement the right tools for your business!

Whether you are interested in trying something different or tweaking your current marketing programming take the first step and contact me today.